Octavio Escobar

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Octavio Escobar is a Full Professor of Economics at EM Normandie Business School, France. He holds a PhD in economics from Paris-Dauphine University. His research focuses on the effects of institutions, geography, and international relations on productivity and economic development, as well as on the impact of the adoption of new technologies on innovation and productivity. His research has been published in various prestigious journals in economics and management sciences. During his career, Octavio Escobar has also conducted several consultancy projects at the OECD.

  • Productivity
  • Foreign direct investment
  • Quantitative methods: econometrics
  • English
  • French
  • Spanish
  • PhD in Economics from Paris-Dauphine University
  • Setting the scene: An overview of Costa Rica's productivity performance. In OECD Economic Survey of Costa Rica: Research Findings on Productivity. OECD Publishing, 2018 (with L. Meehan).
  • Could Mexico Become the 'New China'? Policy Drivers of Competitiveness and Productivity. European Journal of Comparative Economics, Vol. 13, Issue 2, 2016 (with S. Dougherty)