Delivering higher performance in government

Government ministries tend to work in silos. Departments often work on their specific agenda and priorities without fully considering the broader national impact, and possible conflict with policies from other departments or ministries. Opportunities to increase efficiency through effective collaboration is significant.

Measuring performance through the level of government capabilities, efficiency and performance

Whiteshield Partners has developed a copyrighted 3D tool to boost government performance in advancing the national policy agenda. The WSP Navigator © helps policy makers make more informed decisions and identify where government entities should work together more effectively to improve performance. It aims at answering questions such as:

  • Which priority areas should the government focus on to best achieve its national policy agenda?
  • Which ministries should pool together their resources to be more effective?

  • How can several performance indicators across entities be collected with a common methodology to ensure greater efficiency and consistency?
  • In which operations should policy makers dedicate necessary resources in order to improve their data or policy capabilities?

Nothing replaces government leadership

Of course, such a performance tool does not replace sound policy and leadership. To be effective, the WSP Navigator is typically used to the highest levels of government. It must is usually accompanied by a roadmap for action.

With the right level of guidance and collaboration, governments can reach mountain peaks that previously seemed unattainable.

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