Consultant (Associate, Senior Associate, Manager)

Whiteshield Partners is committed to the highest quality standards and values of trust and integrity. We constantly strive to have a shared vision and alignment of interests with our clients. Above all, we aim at delivering tangible value to our clients by working with a selected number of entities over a long period. We are always looking for exceptional talents at all levels and across most our geographies.

Whiteshield Partners offers three recruitment tracks:

  • The general track where we recruit strategy, economist and public policy professionals typically former economists from international organisations, strategy consultants or private equity analysts.
  • The expert track where we work with a network of economist, public policy experts and former senior policy makers.
  • The Whiteshield Young Policy Leader programme where we offer 3 to 12 months internship opportunities to graduates of top global universities and authorised seconded civil servants. The YPL programme is a very selective programme and only a few places are offered every year. We encourage graduate candidates to also participate in our Global Whiteshield Partners Policy Competition when conducted on campus.

Continuous Education and Training Support

Interview of Fouad Homsy, Senior Associate at Whiteshield Partners, currently doing a Masters degree in Public Policy at the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Q. What are you currently doing at the London School of Economics (LSE)?
- I started in September 2019 a Master in Public Policy, a full time programme at LSE which will last till June 2021.

Q. As an employee of Whiteshield Partners, how did Whiteshield Partners support you?
- Whiteshield Partners’ Continuous Education and Training Support programme gave me the great opportunity to pursue my higher studies in Public Policy at the reputable LSE, and obviously this shall benefit the company once I resume my work at Whiteshield Partners.

Q. How do you think you will benefit from this programme?
- Being in this master among leading faculty in the domain of policymaking and fellow culturally diverse students with international experience provided me with a golden opportunity to develop my academic knowledge and upgrade my professional skills.

Q. How will the new Fouad be?
- This transformative experience will help me better contribute to policy and become a more effective change-maker, thanks to Whiteshield Partners !”

General track

Associate / Economist

You will be exposed to policy makers and policy reforms, receive training on public policy topics and work with our economists and policy advisors. You will develop quantitative and qualitative analyses for a variety of public policies. You will solve complex economic problems, and support projects from the diagnostic phase to implementation phase.

Senior Associate/ Senior Economist

You will lead project modules and work autonomously. You will strengthen your project management skills and be prepared to take on further client and team management tasks. You will train and guide junior staff. You will work on a range of strategy and public policy issues in direct contact with our clients.


As a consultant, you will be responsible for timely delivery of some projects or large modules of complex cross industry or cross-country projects. You will work alongside our clients to solve their biggest challenges and will be directly involved in finding valuable decisions with long-lasting impact. As a consultant, you have several years of experience or a specific academic track.

Manager / Senior Manager

You will lead projects from A to Z, working with top clients and consultants, and you will ensure team performance and the client satisfaction. As a public policy expert, you will coach and train Associates and Senior Associates and develop the firm's expertise on specific topics.


You will lead client engagements, re-invent the firm’s internal processes and service offering and improve team skills. You will also help extend the firm’s client portfolio, identifying and developing new client opportunities.


You will lead the firm and guide its future developments. You will deliver portfolios of projects and be responsible for multiple clients and Whiteshield Partners project teams. You will participate in internal operations, such as recruitment, training, and social responsibility, and share Whiteshield insights with professionals and the press.

Expert track

Associate Directors

Global thought leaders that provide in-depth policy or functional expertise to our clients

Subject Matter Experts

Provide deep expert support to our project teams on specific topics

Young Policy Leaders programme

Whiteshield Partners Young Policy Leaders programme offers opportunities for students from leading universities, authorised seconded civil servants and corporate leaders to develop or further enhance their public policy skills-set. The programme ranges from 3 to 12 months. Selected participants work with Whiteshield Partners teams on client engagements or research and benefit from continuous in-depth public policy training. Alumni of the programme typically either join the firm or move to public policy positions.

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Application Process

Become a part of a vibrant, committed and talented team

Whiteshield Partners promotes continuous training, mentorship and initiative taking. We always look for unique talents to join our team of professionals. Successful candidates have outstanding problem-solving skills, strong delivery, and an entrepreneurial and leadership track record. For the general track, we look for a mix of strategy, economics, policy, and applied mathematics experience. For the expert track, we look for deep expertise in specific economic policy and quantitative areas. Above all, we look for candidates that have a passion for what we do: nurturing innovation and impacting economic development. Whiteshield also offers a few internship opportunities on a regular basis through its Young Policy Leaders programme.

Written public policy case

  • You will receive a power point template with a public policy or strategy related question to be analyzed, answered on three slides, and sent back within one hour.
  • You will be evaluated on your analytical skills, the consistency of your answers, and the relevancy of your recommendations and on how you present your answers.

Case interview with consultants

You will meet with either Associate, Economist and/or Manager. A 30-minute interview will consist of:

  • brief experience overview
  • policy case study
  • Q&A

You will be evaluated based on your analytical skills, creativity, flexibility and your ability to critically assess the question. A typical case will cover a specific public policy topic.

Role play - Soft skills

You will meet with either a Manager or a Principal. Within the general discussion, during a 15 minute role play, you will be given a typical client situation and we will look at your ability to adapt to client requirements and challenges.

Final interview round

You will meet with either two Principals, Directors and/or Partners. Each 30-minute interview will consist of:

  • brief experience overview
  • case study or role play
  • Q&A

Beyond the criteria applied for the case interview evaluation, leaders of the firm asses strategic thinking, look for general fit with our culture, team and client expectations.

Meet the team

After final interview you may be invited to meet the team in the location for which you applied.

How to prepare for your application process

Our recruitment process assesses your suitability to work at Whiteshield Partners and potential position within the firm. Through case studies, we assess and evaluate your thinking process, strategic skills and ability to state your ideas and make recommendations. Interviews allow us to hear your experiences and your motivation for applying at Whiteshield Partners.

Policy and interview case tips

Written public policy case

  • Understand the topic
  • Structure your ideas and define the problem, the approach and your assumptions
  • Use all available online material
  • Make quick and accurate connections
  • Convey your answers clearly and concisely
  • Respect the time allocated

Verbal public policy case

  • Structure your ideas and define the problem, the approach and your assumptions
  • Ask questions to clarify points
  • Show the reasoning behind your idea
  • Engage in a dialogue with the interviewer

The below is an example of a Public policy case. Our cases are Public Policy or Strategy related question to be analyzed and answered on three slides. The below can also be an example of an interview case study

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