How to positively transform lives? How to drive the fundamentals of manufacturing and innovation? Which public strategies can directly and precisely impact GDP and national indicators? How to avoid the typical pitfalls and turn generic strategies into concrete projects to implement? 

Our economic public policy practice is founded a globally recognised innovative and highly quantitative modelling and proven experience with numerous governments. 

We cover most economic public policy areas and sectors including:

Policy areas

  • Access to finance and financial markets
  • Anti-corruption
  • Behavioural economics
  • Competition policy
  • Development Assistance
  • Employment & Job creation
  • Energy policy
  • Environment and climate change
  • Fiscal policy
  • Human Capital Development and education policies
  • Industrial policy
  • Infrastructure policy
  • Innovation, intellectual Property, patents and trademarks
  • Investment policy & promotion
  • Labour policy
  • Political Economy of Reform (or Making Reform Happen)
  • Science & Technology policy
  • SME policy & Young Innovative Companies
  • Special economic zones
  • Sustainable Cities and Urban planning
  • Trade
  • Venture Capital and Private Equity

Sectors areas

  • Agriculture & Agri-business
  • Energy
  • ICT
  • Manufacturing coverage Automotive, aerospace, light manufacturing
  • Pharmaceuticals and medical devices
  • Services
  • Textile & apparel
  • Tourism

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