How resilient is your company to crises?

Sir Christopher A. Pissarides (Nobel Prize winner in economics, Co-chair of the Institute for the Future of work & Head of GLRI Advisory board ) discusses the main implications of the GLRI for academics and policy-makers. GLRI Launch @ Davos 2020


Policy Insights: Navigating through COVID-19 - the day after tomorrow.

A massive stimulus is needed to avoid a long-term recession, yet planning from now for the day after is essential.

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To obtain an urgent covid-19 socioeconomic country analysis

The WSP-Navigator™ model by Whiteshield Partners is a socioeconomic model developed by Whiteshield Partners to provide decision makers with a dynamic view of economic and social wellbeing indicators for key sectors to chart a path beyond the lockdown.
How can government leaders avoid the negative scenario for their small and medium sized enterprises?
The COVID-19 pandemic affects everyone, it should be addressed by working together and acting now

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